City Summary

Torrance is home to 1.5 miles of beaches, including RAT (Right After Torrance) Beach. Residents can enjoy parks, such as Los Arboles Rocketship Park, which gives visitors a view of the greater Los Angeles area. Residents can also find Torrance is home to the Del Amo Mall, the largest shopping center in the western U.S. Michelin star-rated dumpling house Din Tai Fung and many high-end stores are located in the mall. The town, too, hosts unique events such as a monthly massive antique fair and a weekly farmer’s market. Torrance is home to many parks and open spaces, such as the Hopkins Wilderness Park, unique attractions, such as the Western Museum of Flight, and cultural experiences, such as the Torrance Art Museum.


Annually, in Torrance, the average daily temperature is approximately 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather reaches a low in January, getting as cold as 48 degrees. The warmest month is August, when residents can expect temperatures not much higher than 80 degrees. On average, Torrance experiences three inches of rainfall per month. This is about three times higher than the Los Angeles county average.



With a population of 148,938, Torrance is the most populous of the South Bay cities. With an area of 20.55 square miles, resulting in a ratio of 7,248 residents per square mile. Torrance is composed of six neighborhoods. West Torrance has the highest population, housing 68,889 residents. Next is North Torrance, with 34,684. Then Old Town, 12,170. South East Torrance, 11,108. Hollywood Riviera, 10,432. Walteria, 8,348.

Median HH Income


Torrance’s median household income lies at $79,549. Residents can find employers in Exxon Mobil’s Torrance oil refinery, or at the corporate offices of Honeywell Aerospace. There is also a brief commute to Hollywood or Downtown LA, where residents frequently find employment in the movie industry, media, and sales, amongst others.

Number of HH


There are 55,576 households in Torrance, averaging 2.7 residents per household. An abundance of things to do caters to residents of all ages. At night, residents can visit the Zebra Room or Astro Karaoke. Historic Old Torrance can entertain residents of all ages, with Chado Tea Room and walking tours of the area.