City Summary

The city of Wilmington was founded as a port. In present day, Wilmington residents can visit the Port of Los Angeles, which stretches 43 miles along the waterfront. Residents can also take a day trip across Vincent Thomas Bridge to Terminal Island, historically a vacation destination for the wealthy elite, and, now, an interesting trip back in time and monument to its former glory. In mainland Wilmington, there is plenty to do, as well. Completed in 2011 on a 30-acre brownfield site, Wilmington Waterfront Park is home to community events as well as everyday fun. There is also tons of great food in Wilmington. Since Wilmington is a fishing hub, seafood restaurants like Chowder Barge and Mariscos Rosarito are everywhere. There’s lots to explore in Wilmington, making for endless adventures.


Annually, in Wilmington, the average daily temperature is approximately 59 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather is coldest in January and December, temperatures reaching as low as 48 degrees. The warmest month is September, when temperatures can get as high as 85 degrees. On average, Wilmington experiences a little more than one inch of rainfall per month.



Wilmington has 61,534 residents. The city’s 9.2 square miles provide for a ratio of 6,724 people per square mile.

Median HH Income

$40,627 (2008)

The median Wilmington household earns $40,627 per year. There are more than 200 businesses registered with the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, and so residents can typically find work locally. If they wish to commute, though, Wilmington is bordered by the business hubs of Long Beach, San Pedro, Lomita, Palos Verdes, and Carson.

Number of HH

14,509 (2017)

There are 14,509 households in Wilmington, averaging 4.2 residents per household. Families with children can enjoy the Drum Barracks Civil War Musuem — on the site of the last remaining Civil War-era military outpost in L.A. Kids can also have hours of fun in the many parks and waterfront play areas Wilmington has to offer. Younger couples can stay out late to take part in the charming nightlife, such as Foc’sle Bar, open until 2 A.M.