OK it’s not really a “staycation,” per se, but getting to Vegas from the South Bay is very do-able and not something you necessarily have to plan way in advance. Perfect for a little spontaneous getaway and another great example of how living in the South Bay gives you tons of options.

We made the drive comfortably in a day, but most people will probably want to fly. I like the drive because I’m not a fan of airplanes, but also you get see real desert scenery along the way. Joshua trees wave at you as you drive, and the sky takes on that cool Southwestern 2D look….until you see the lights of Vegas and nature is relegated to the back seat until the return trip.
Vegas is of course known for its casinos and general debauchery. But you might be surprised to learn how family friendly it actually is. We saw tons of kids dazzled by the lights and delighted by the treats. And we spent a whole weekend ourselves without placing a single bet, happy to walk around seeing the larger than life sights, and I will admit eating like pigs.
We managed to fit in 2 back-to-back Cirque de Soleil shows on opposite ends of the strip in one night (long story). First we saw “Ka” at the MGM. A small title for a hugely entertaining spectacle. Just when you think you understand the limits of the human body and, well, gravity….these amazing athletes and entertainers challenge all your assumptions.

After that we raced on foot past Caesars, Planet Hollywood, The Cosmopolitan (don’t look for a deal there—nothing less than $1000 a night gets you a room within its ultra hip blue-lit walls).
Even though we were in a hurry we slowed to a stroll past the romantic Bellagio lake and the crowds of people waiting for the fountain show to begin.

We made it back to Treasure Island for “Mystere” just as the performers were entering the stage. I had worried that 2 circus-inspired shows in one night would be a bit mind-numbing, but as soon as the lights went up I was mesmerized and lost in a another world all over again. “Ka” was more about the stage and the story. “Mystere” was a smorgasbord of costumes, colors and contortion. The music alone would have been worth it but when you see two grown men doing handstands on each others’ bald heads and dudes strutting around in rooster costumes high over your head, well, even the best music takes a back seat to that.

Treasure Island was a great place to stay—pretty quiet and we had a view across the palm trees of the Mirage to the lights of the strip as well as the desert mountains.

Definitely recommend the champagne brunch at the Buffet. Yummy custom omelettes, tasty pastries and, well, champagne. The Coffee Shop is quite good unless you are a vegetarian. Which I am, so…yeah, stick with the Buffet.
There’s so much to explore in Vegas it’s worth returning and when you live in the South Bay that is not difficult to do. So what are you waiting for? Not a holiday weekend? Good idea.

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