Established in 1931, Sandpipers is a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to serving the needs of the South Bay community through charitable and philanthropic programs.

Founded during The Great Depression by seven women who had compassion and the drive to make a difference in their community when it was struggling, the Sandpipers have taken their vision and turned it into a legacy of community service and philanthropy.  

For their Virtual Holiday Homes Tour, they created a series of mini Masterclasses, which showcase special guests sharing tips on organizing your pantry, wardrobe styling, cooking tutorials, and holiday decorating. 

Pamela Salzman

Pamela Salzman, cooking instructor and author of “Kitchen Matters” and “Quicker Than Quick” demonstrates how to make a festive dessert such as Peppermint Bark Shortbread. This simple, delicious dessert is perfect for everyone! The recipe can be gluten-free adaptable and vegan as well!

Tanya Monaghan

Tanya Monaghan, fashion stylist, editor and writer gives style tips on how to dress for this current holiday season filming from downtown Manhattan Beach’s boutique, Wrights MB.

Kari Dirkson

Kari Dirksen, CEO and lead planner of Feathered Arrow Events and Inessa Nichols, creative director and owner of Inessa Nichols Designs show us how to decorate your home for the holidays in a non- traditional Christmas way! Using other jewel tones will certainly elevate your home during the holidays while still being festive!

Lori Ford

Lori Ford, proud owner of Gum Tree Shop and Cafe in Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach gives us tips for creating a cozy and festive vibe for the holidays.

Jen Robin
Pantry Organization

Jen Robin with Life in Jeneral walks us through a step-by-step process on how to organize a refrigerator and pantry. Jen explains Life In Jeneral’s process or what they like to call systems that anyone can create within their home! This organizational video will certainly change how you live in your home!!